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Security as a Service

Improve your security posture - and extend it to your customers

Delivering secure, fast, and reliable experiences to the end users of your business application at global scale requires an orchestrated effort.

Automate IT offers a suite of easy-to-use products and services that help client’s applications and infrastructure to deliver the fastest, most secure apps to their users.

Electronic Gadgets

We also make it easy to extend your world-class security solutions like:

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Defend against a wide range of multi-vector attacks. Intelligent protection, end to end.


  • Secure your sites, apps, APIs & infrastructure

Guard your most critical assets holistically with in-browser, bot, and DDoS protection.


  • Manage all app & API security in one place

Mitigate seamlessly through multiple integrated solutions with no workflow disruptions.


  • Get industry-leading intelligence and expertise

300 TB of attack data analysed daily by our security experts on your side.

Remote Work Security

Secure remote access to corporate apps and the internet from anywhere. Reduce cyberthreats without hindering your workforce. Provide employees faster, easier, more secure access


  • Secure your digital business

Use threat intelligence at the edge to protect users, devices, and resources.


  • Enable Zero Trust and SASE

Empower users with safe, easy access to internal resources and the internet.


  • Get the most out of your security investments

Build a cohesive, modern enterprise strategy that enables teams to collaborate.


DDoS Protection

Defend against the largest DDoS attacks today

Increase resiliency with 200+ Tbps of network capacity and 100% platform availability.


  • Avoid single points of failure

Unlike single stacks, get more targeted DDoS defense with three purpose-built clouds.

  • Reduce risk across your environment

Fine-tune mitigation to your web- & internet-facing services wherever they are hosted.

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Speak to our team today and get a right solutions for your business

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